Who are we?

We believe in a world in which people no longer suffer from products that don't work with their skin


Skindex was created by a team of students out of a common desire to fix a fundamental problem that we saw in the skincare and cosmetic industry. This problem was: why is it so hard to figure out if a product will work for your unique skin type? You can spend hours scouring reviews online for a product you’re interested in but you have no idea if the reviewers have the same unique skin as you. Will it cause you to break out or experience cystic acne? It’s incredibly hard to figure out.


Our group was formed after a couple of our members actually went through this type of experience described above. One of our members never knew that she reacted poorly to coconut derivatives and suffered from painful cystic acne for 6 months simply because she tried a couple of incompatible products. We came together as a group and thought, “What if we could make a platform that learns what works for your skin and allows you to double check if a product will work for you?” That was how Skindex was born. To create a world in which no one has to suffer from trying incompatible products again.